ring size adjuster

How to Choose a Ring Adjuster

Ring adjuster is a handy tool for everyone who needs to tighten or loosen their rings. If you are suffering from arthritis or your knuckles are larger, you can use an adjuster to make the ring fit to your finger. How to use it if you have large knuckles is easy. Yu ca wear the ring until it passes your knuckle and then you can use an adjuster to prevent […]

tanzanite diamond rings

Tanzanite Ring Buying Guide

Tanzanite ring is a beautiful traditional ring with blue stones that can enhance our appearance once this is worn. The deep azure hue of the stone is truly stunning because the hue can reflect other hues of violet and red when the stone is hit by lights. So, this is no wonder that a ring adorned with tanzanite stone is adorable. Tanzanite that is used on jewelry ha a quite […]

gold peridot rings

Tips to Buy Peridot Ring

Peridot ring has a beautiful green vibrant tone that is glowing beautifully. This is why the gem is called has the same beauty of the sun because of the vibrant color. The beauty of the ring is timeless with the glowing color of the ring creates the feeling of classic and playfulness. This ring is more than just a ring you can easily find. This ring is so meaningful and […]

epiphany diamonique ring

Tips for Choosing Diamonique Rings

Diamonique rings are available in many options of styles and designs to choose from. Every different style and design from the ring provides different look and function. So, before deciding to buy the ring, you should firstly consider for what function you will use the ring. Since the ring is expensive, surely you need to well consider this before buying. After deciding that you will really buy the ring you […]

hematite band ring

The Beauty of Hematite Ring

Hematite ring is adorned with hematite stone, a kind of magnetic stone of metaphysical crystals. Considering that this is one of metaphysical stones, surely they have more than just a single function as jewelry. Hematite is also good for meditation, healing, protection, grounding, stabilization and fortune feeling. With many functions of the hematite stone for jewelry, it makes a ring with hematite stone provides many benefits to your heart mind […]

masonic skull ring

How to Wear a Masonic Ring

Masonic ring has a different meaning for the wearer and the meaning of the ring can be reflected by how the ring is worn. You need to know the meaning of each way to wear your ring because this will help you to find the right meaning of the ring for you. So, how you know what the meaning of the ring depending on how to wear it? You need […]

chastity rings

The Meaning of Chastity Ring

Chastity ring are good for both male and female. However, most rings are used by teens and young adults as a gift. This kind of ring is different from any other types of rings because it has a real meaning of promise and purity. This is not a ring that everyone can wear. Usually, only those who are not married yet wearing this kind of ring. Wearing this ring means […]