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Dore furnace is for blowing smelt the Noble Lead and producing alloy of gold and silver. Each furnace can deal with about 11 tons noble lead. The duration is 72——84h. The internal operation temperature is 1100——1250℃。 The power of motor is 15kw. The furnace is using the mechanical rotation, intermittent start operation. Because of the rotation of speed will affect the stability of the body, the rate is set at 0.5r/min through production experience.
For reducing heat stress of gear, set the rotation of gear at the low temperature section. For decreasing equipment processing, we combine the main gear and the rolling ring to deduct the diameter of gear ring. Setting the riding wheel with flange to limit the shift of body during rotation, this is much simple and practical.
Dustproof and gas prevent cover are set in the middle of furnace body. The cover is stable. It is sealed when the furnace body moved. The mazy sealing design will not influence the rotation of furnace body; meanwhile it can efficient prevent the smoke releasing and improve the working environment.

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