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The mixture of lead anode slime feeding into Noble Lead furnace, through melting, slagging, slag discharging and noble lead releasing. The capability is 10tons/furnace. The duration is 12 hours. The slag is around 700——900℃ in heating phase. The maximum temperature in furnace is 1250℃。 Noble lead furnace is using the mechanical rotation, intermittent start operation. Through designing calculating and referring to production experience, set the rotation speed at 0.5——0.6r/min to satisfy rotating smoothly and safety.
Combining the heavy gear, riding wheel and catch wheel into a unit, while designing the riding wheel like a catch wheel structure with flange, it is simple and practical. The use of this structure significant reduces the heat of furnace body and thermal expansion effect of gears. Meanwhile it increases the use life of gears and makes the transfer stable.
Dustproof and gas prevent cover are set in the middle of furnace body. The cover is stable. It is sealed when the furnace body moved. The mazy sealing design will not influence the rotation of furnace body; meanwhile it can efficient prevent the smoke releasing and improve the working environment.

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